5 Reasons to Play StockBattle
Get your first deposit doubled up to $50!
Win real cash prizes!
Win up to $180 in 15 minutes! Withdraw your winnings hassle-free with PayPal.
Enjoy the fair play.
We don't bet against our players. StockBattle offers fair Player vs. Players (PvP) games where you compete with equals.
Get results in a flash.
Unlike in Fantasy sports or the stock market, you don't need to wait for days or months to get to the results. Try our 15-minute PvP games and win fast!
Receive a profit from crypto without buying coins! All you have to do is to pick cryptos that will grow the most in 15 minutes.
Receive advice and find new friends.
Join our Discord community and get stock-picking advice from seasoned players!
Bonus: Double your deposit!
Get your first deposit doubled up to $50.
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Welcome to the new era of Fantasy Stocks!
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